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High efficiency centrifugal slurry pump


Centrifugal slurry pump has large flow, the structure is simple, cost is lower, it can transport the bigger particles and it is easy to operate and maintain. So t widely used in water development, it is an important pump in mud pump. But centrifugal slurry pump has the shortcomings of the head is small, low efficiency and the service time is short.




The impeller of centrifugal pump is the opposing impeller from entrance to exit, the number of the impeller is 5-7. If the impeller is too less maybe decrease the head and efficiency, the runner variable resistance is more, the water loss is more. High efficiency centrifugal impeller is set the open type impeller in the basic of now centrifugal pump impeller. 

In the basic of now centrifugal pump, it can improve the pump head after adding the short blade. If keep the head can decrease the rotation speed or cutting impeller diameter, so that it can increase the service life time of pump shell and impeller. The range of application of the centrifugal pump is wide and the economic efficiency is big.