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High quality Mud Cleaner in China


Since the use of a desilter on a weighted mud is prohibitively expensive (due to loss of barite), and since ultra-fine screens are incapable of handling the entire mud stream, another type of solids removal device is necessary. A unit consisting of both of these devices eliminates their individual limitations. It is the drilling mud cleaner.


A main action of drilling mud cleaner is eliminate the solid particles whose particle size is bigger than the barite, and recycles the barite in drilling fluid. When the weighted drilling fluid pass the hydrocyclone, a large number of barites in underflow pass the screen, the barites will be returned to cycle tank (at the same time, some debris also will be returned to the tank).


DC Machinery is a professional manufacturer of solids control equipment. The following is the feature of mud cleaner which produced by DC Machinery.


1 The main structure of mud cleaner can be divided into two parts, the desander and desilter are installed on the upside. The base is equipped with the chute, and a shale shaker is installed on the chute. The structure is compact, and occupies small space.

2 Between the main inlet pipe and outlet pipe is equipped with butterfly valves, can adjust the work numbers of desander and desilter at any time, easy to operate and maintain.

3 The feed port adopts tangent feed, smooth transport, for improving separation efficiency. The inner surface of mud cleaner is smooth, and the flow channel is rational.

4 Different numbers of hydrocyclones of desander and desilter can be matched according to the requirement of customers.