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High quality desander comes from Abroad


There are two types of abroad desander; the one is filter type or screen type separator; the other one is gravity separator includes jet flow desander, hydrocyclone desander and simple sediment container.

Hydrocyclone desander

Hydrocyclone desander is widely used in oil exploitation and oil-gas gathering transportation in American and Russia. It is mainly made of swirler and store tank. The liquid flow of crude produced fluid is according different density to separate, the light parts is discharged by oil pipe, desand and free water flow into store tank. The upper of the desand and water in the store tank have a small part of oil and emulsion which is discharged to oil pipe through oil drain and oil drain valve.

Filter separation desander

The desander is horizontal type. There is baffles in entrance point can prevent fluid directly impact filter element. The exit has the function of prevent liquid flow is pneumatolytic and the liquid gasify evocable the filter efficiency is decreased. When the pressure of desander is increase for blocked and other reasons, pressure controller can open the control value make the produced liquid can’t enter into desander.

Gravity desander

The working principle of the desander is according gravity sediment to change flow speed directions and movement directions to eliminate desander of crude produced fluid. It is made of gravity desander, sand pump and hydrocyclone. It has series methods for crude oil demulsification , it adopts demulsification in pipeline, change flow speed and directions, thermochemistry demulsification, gravity sediment, produced liquid is washed by water course, low consumption preliminary settlement and hydrocyclone cleaning.