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High quality oilfield shaker screen


Shale shaker screen is mainly used in shale shaker and the bottom shaker of mud cleaner. It is stainless steel-made flat sheets of wire mesh screens. There are mainly four types of shaker screen: flat, pyramid, steel frame and hard/soft hook.

Shaker screen is playing a major role by removing the drilling cuttings larger than the mesh size. Since this is the primary step of the whole drilling mud process circulation. Otherwise, it could lead to drilling fluid loss, other equipment overloading.

What is the high quality shaker screen?
Based on material, the high quality screen should be made of high quality or excellent raw material. For shaker screens wire mesh we adopt S.S304 at least. If requested by clients, there will be also S.S316, S.S316L, etc. Then, consider the steel frame or screen support we’ll use high quality carbon steel.

Furthermore, for screen appearance we should ensure the wire mesh woven evenly and whole shaker screen exquisite. We need to stick screen and bottom plate very firm and smooth. If screens are pyramid type, all the peaks should be at same height and the distance between peaks. Then the painting or coating can be finalized by spraying or we use the powder coating Another quality issue is the screen technique specs and related features. Presently, we treat API 13C as the international standard for shaker screen. API RP13C declared main factors affecting screen performance.

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