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High quality shaft seal of centrifugal pump


Drilling fluid centrifugal pump is used to supply the drilling fluid for the desander, desilter, jet mud mixer, etc. The transmission medium is the drilling fluid which contains solid phase.


In current, some centrifugal pumps shaft seal adopt simple mechanical seal, and lead to the drilling fluid often enters into the pump bearing, moreover there are a large number of solid particles in drilling fluid, so the bearing will be damaged soon, because of this reason, many drilling crews give up using desander and desilter, only using drilling fluid shale shaker, deteriorate the working condition of drilling seriously.


Therefore, the shaft seal of centrifugal pump is very important. DCSB series sand pump shaft seal use packing seal, and the high pressure washing clear water be added into packing chamber, better to ensure the normal operation of pump.


DCSB series sand pump is our factory according to the construction situation to manufacture the metal wear-resistant sand pump. The sand pump flow passage components are made of modern metal wear-resistant material, with strong resistance to wear and cavitation performance, particularly suitable for pumping silty sand and long distance transport sediment, light weight, dismantling convenient, high efficiency and energy saving. Suitable for transporting drilling fluid.