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High speed decanter centrifuge for using


Development Trend of Decanter Centrifuge is high rotate speed, large capacity, high reliability and automation. High rotate speed is rotate speed of roller can reach above 2500r/min, separation factor can reach up to 1200~3000, and can eliminate the more fine particles, separation point can as low as 2~5 micron.


The early 1950s, the foreign began to use high speed spiral sedimentation centrifuge in the oil drilling. It is installed behind hydrocyclone for separating fine particles which can’t separated by hydrocyclone.


The solid phase dispose scope of high speed centrifuge is just the solid phase scope which affect drilling fluid viscosity (1~10um), so for the deep well reducing drilling fluid shear, enhancing well bore quality, preventing accident, the effect of high speed centrifuge is better. Experimental results show, high or low speed centrifuge apply to drilling fluid solid control, not only control drilling fluid density and solid content increase, but also reduce drilling fluid density and viscosity when needed.


At present, the popularizing rate of offshore oilfield high speed centrifuge is high, the performance of the equipments are walking in the forefront of the oil industry.