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Hookstrip flat shale shaker screen

Hookstrip flat screen is constructed two or three layers of stainess steel wire cloths bonded to a steel support plank. This kind of sieving screen has many characteristics as follows:

1 Every wire cloth in the sieving screen has different meshes and accurately reasonable collocation can make the screen have better effect. In the sieving screen with different meshes, the hole size of the support plank is different, so as to get the most effective area on the condition of bearing enough force.


2 The thick wire cloth with less meshes at the bottom of the sieving screen combines steel support plank into a whole closely, so as to enhance the strength of the whole screen and prolong its life. 

3 The wire cloth is divided into independent small surface by the grid of steel suppor plank, which can prevent excessive expansion of local damage. 

At the same time, equipped with a special rubber to repair damage, it can save time and reduce the cost.