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Horizontal Directional Drilling operation


Horizontal directional drilling (HDD) operations are performed using a drill rig situated on the surface and as such do not need a huge entry chamber excavated, but generally only require a small slurry containment chamber in order to commence the process.


The self-contained rig usually consists of a powered rack which pushes the drill into the ground, and a motor and drive system to rotate the drill string. The rig is securely fastened to the ground before the operator proceeds to drill and steer the drill head and rods along the desired directional path. The desired directional path is followed and tracked using a guiding or tracking system. The most common guiding and tracking systems are the walkover, and the hard wire steering system.


HDD is an attractive option for installing pipelines under bodies of water, access restricted, protected areas, or urban spaces where the social and environmental costs of construction (and destruction) of surface are too high. High initial HDD capital costs may be offset by lower labour costs and faster completion of works when compared to conventional open trenching methods.