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How Linear Motion Mud Cleaners works ?


DaChuan complete line of mud cleaners utilizes our patented multifunctional shaker technology with exceptional performance from our desanders & desilter hydrocyclones in a compact, high-quality, dependable unit at an economic price.

DC’s compact, patented, multi-functional mud cleaners are designed to be operated as both a double-deck drying shaker / mud cleaner or double-deck flowline shaker. The built in multi-functional  feature allows the operator to handle varying drilling fluid viscosities and solids content with the same unit. In the dual simultaneous flow mode, the top deck handles the hydrocyclone underflow and the bottom deck handles the primary scalping.

Reliable performance
DC mud cleaners are given a two-part epoxy powder coating to maximize equipment life. Three-part coatings are also available for offshore applications. Spare parts and consumables have been designed to ensure the lowest replacement cost & long-term product durability. Combined with our international field service team and regional spare part distribution centers, you will never be left without the support you need. 

Features of all Linear Motion Mud Cleaners / Shakers:

1.Explosion and Non-explosion proof electrical systems for 50 or 60 hz

2.Deck angle adjustable during operation from -1 ~ +5 degree

3.With hook strap shaker screens

4..High G-Force of 3 – 7.0 G provides dry solids discharge.

5.Shaker dimensions and mud inflow level are compatible with most existing mud tank systems.