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How Mini-Solids control system working ?


A mini-solids control system consists of shale shaker , desander desilter , decanting centrifuge , 4 slurry pump , mud tank .

1. Use the slurry pump pumping drilling mud to mud tank heating warehouse . ( warehouse with steam or hot water heating pipe . 

2. The mud then in the heating house , the slurry pump installed on the tank then pumping fluid to shale shaker , shale shaker treating large solid particles on the shaker screen , the processed mud flow into the heating chamber under the shale shaker.

3. The mud from shale shaker warehouse pumping to the desander to treating particles above 44um.

4. The mud from desander warehouse pumping to the desilter to treat particles above 15 um.

5. Mud were pumped from desilter warehouse to decanter centrifuge to remove the particles above 0.5 um.

The waste solid will be ruled out in one side of mud tank . The circulating drilling fluid from decanter centrifuge warehouse pumping to the drilling rig . 

This year , more and more clients order Mini-solids control equipment from us to treat drilling fluid .