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How To Solve The Breakdown Of The Sand Pump?


sand pump

1. When packing seal leaking, packing and sleeve surface are worn seriously.

Dismantle packing and take a crooked iron wire(90°)to move on the inside surface of sleeve, if too deep groove is checked out you must change sleeve, packing gland is too tight that it will result in wearing seriously.

2. Packing burn down

Elimination: Change packing

Reason: The packing is too tight, so that no normal leakage.

Appearance: The packing is hard and axial leakage increase rapidly.

3. Unusual rotation of impeller

Reason: The clearance between seal cavity and the back of impeller is too little.

Elimination: Adjust the clearance (see the preceding).

4. Breakdown of mechanical seal: Please contact manufacturer for solution.