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How does Flare Ignition Device work

Flare Ignition DeviceFlare Ignition Device is the safety and environmental protection equipment for handling vented combustible gas. It is often applied to ignite and burn the harmful gas such as tail gas and vented natural gas in refinery and natural gas gathering and distribution station to avoid the harm to environment and safety of people. It can ignite the toxic combustible gas timely and accurately. Apart from being used in refinery and gas transmission station, the product can also be widely used in oil drilling engineering to work with drilling mud gas separator.

How does Flare Ignition Device work?

1.Have the flammable gas conveyed to the air intake of gas burner (torch) through the pipeline installed at the safe area. 
2. Connect and start current transformation of flare ignition device and electric circuit of voltage amplification. 
3. Open the liquefied gas pot and ignite fire-leading tube through operating electronic igniter (ignition at first stage), or with the fire-leading gas valve of emptying gas directly opened, ignite fire-leading tube through electronic igniter (ignition at first stage).   
4. Open gas blown down valve and ignite the blown down gas through the flaming fire-leading tube (ignition at second stage). 
5. Have the liquefied gas pot closed with fire-leading tube put out, letting the blown down flammable gas to freely burning.