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How many systems in drilling


Rotary drilling

In order to constantly broken rocks in rotary the well, the system is matched turntable and tap. The drilling machine is made of drilling column (including Kelly bar, drilling column and drilling collar) and drill head. In order to realize drill head automatic feed, modern drilling machine should be matched drilling tools automatic feeding device.

Drilling fluid circulating system

In order to use drilling fluid clean the bottom well, carrying rock debris, protecting the wall of well, drilling machine should has a set of drilling fluid circulating system, it has the function of make drilling fluid increase pressure and solid and liquid separation, including drilling pump, ground high pressure manifold, drilling fluid purification, matching equipment and drilling fluid slot, pool and ect.

Lifting system

Drilling machine should be matched a set of lifting equipment to complete the drilling trip sheet, nest casing string, control drilling rig and other work. Drilling machine lifting system is mainly made of drilling winch, auxiliary brake, traveling system (crown block, runner wagon, hook and steel wire rope) . The essence is a heavy crane. In addition, it is also including the under operation of the wellhead tools and mechanical equipment.


Power unit

The power unit provides power for the three work unit and other auxiliary unit. According the type of drilling machine, it is divided into diesel or diesel engine alternator and interflow or Dc motor group.