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How to Install of hydrocyclone


After some drilling cuttings got to the ground, because the particles size is too small can’t be separated by shale shaker, it can eliminate the most of small particles rely the hydrocyclone. When hydrocyclone device eliminate the not aggravate drilling fluid system which the size is 15-20um, it must used shale shaker eliminated the big particles in the upstream. Otherwise big particles can block the bottom flow.


The installation of hydrocyclone should be convenient to bottom flow eliminate and convenient to maintenance and monitoring. The large nominal diameter cone of hydrocyclone should be installed upstream of small nominal diameter. Each hydrocyclone all should be matched the single drilling fluid tank and centrifugal pump. There is a pressure gauge to display the feedstock pressure which is provided by centrifuge pump.


When install the centrifugal pump make them priming from the single pipeline, we should ensure the less bend and T pipeline, the length of suction pipe should be the shortest to ensure wearing damage decreased. At the same time, we can use drilling fluid mud gun agitate the suction tank of centrifugal pump. But the power liquid of drilling fluid mud gun must be from the suction tank of centrifugal pump. So suggesting all solid phase eliminate process should use mechanical agitator.