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How to Maintain the Vibrating Motors


Vibrating Motors

In the process of using circular vibrating screen’s vibrating motor, we often encounter all sorts of problems. After summarizing many problems, we found, users did not have an enough knowledge of installation and use of vibration motor and vibrating screen, so many problems were caused, which accounted for a large part. Today we just simply explain in terms of one of the small problems.

When the vibrating motor of the circular vibrating screen is in production, fit clearance of shaft and bearing is different form the general motors. Shaft and bearing of general motors must be closely in coordination, and the vibration motor axis and axis fitting clearance of bearing is sliding fitting way, so when maintained, the axis will move around naturally. Actually the clearance goes together with its important role.

The vibrating motor of circular vibrating screen relies on its high frequent vibration, to produce to vibration force. So in the work time, the motor itself can produce a high temperature. And due to the deposit in the fit clearance, vibration motor’s shaft with the high temperature will be inflating, and the inflated axis can reach normal working condition. So in the maintenance of vibration motor, we should pay attention to this problem.

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