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How to achieve Hydrocyclones good performance


In order to make the hydrocyclones to work efficiently, the solid content of the underflow of the preceding equipment or that flows into the inlet of this unit must fit the unit itself. If this condition is satisfied, adjustment of feed rate, feed pressure or replacement of an apex of another size must be taken.


"Cone Spray Discharge" and "Rope Discharge":

When a hydrocyclone works in a high performance efficiency, the discharged solids comes out from its underflow apex in a shape of so called "Cone Spray Discharge" mode. However cyclone underflow may appear very often as "Rope Discharge". "Rope Discharge" means poor cleaning efficiency and it can cause solids overloading of cyclone overflow, apex plugging and aggravated wear of vertex finder, overflow fitting, cone liners and rig pump parts meanwhile discard a big volume of mud.


The reasons of the "Rope Discharge" to happen and the measures to revise it into "Cone Spray Discharge" are as follows:

(1) Undersized apex: Enlarge apex size.

(2) Feed pressure is too low: Increase feed pressure.

(3) High mud viscosity: Dilution with water.

(4) High mud solid content: Dilute the inlet mud or run a higher number of cyclones.