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How to apply drilling fluid mud cleaner more effective


Drilling fluid mud cleaner is made of desilter, desander and fine mesh shaker screen, usually the mesh of screen is bout 140-200meshes, the purpose is recovering parts fluid and barites which through hydrocyclone.

Usually we don’t suggest drilling fluid mud cleaner is used in not aggravate drilling fluid. We can close shale shaker and let bottom flow of hydrocyclone are all discharged if the mud cleaner is used in not aggravate mud cleaner. In order to meet the requirements of dispose all drilling fluid, desander and desilter must be made of several rotational flow cones. In order to ensure hydrocyclone can normal work, liquid inlet pressure must be kept in 0.25-0.35MPa. Liquid inlet pressure of hydrocyclone should use the maximum because the number of rotational flow cone is more and pipeline is long. Liquid inlet pressure of desander should use lesser because the rotational flow cone is less and the pipeline is short.

The size of liquid inlet pressure decided to matching of desander is whether reasonable, so the choose of centrifugal pump is very important. Usually the head of centrifugal pump is about 40m, the displacement is equal to the stander of desander and desilter. Meanwhile when choose desander and desilter we must reference the maximum displacement of drilling fluid pump.

What times to use the two equipments didn’t be limited. When drill shallow and soft stratum and the content of big particles drilling cuttings in drilling fluids are high, the two equipments should be used at the same time. When drill the hard stratum, we can directly use desilter dispose drilling fluid if use fine mesh screen