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How to correctly install desilters


Desilter uses smaller hydrocyclones, usually 5" or smaller. The smaller cones enable desilters to make the finest particle size separation of any full flow solids control equipment.

Removing particles of 25 microns and larger. Multiple cones are normally used in this application to obtain the required capacity needed for a solids control system. When installing a desilter, follow these general recommendations:

1. Sizing - Size the desilter to process 100-125% of the total mud circulation rate.
2. Flow Arrangement- Take the desilter suction from the compartment receiving fluid processed by the desander.
3. Minimize Frictional Losses - Keep all lines as short & straight as possible with a minimum number of pipe fittings. This will reduce loss of pressure head on the feed line and minimize any backpressure on the overflow discharge line. Do not reduce the diameter of the overflow line from that of the overflow discharge manifold.
4. Equalization Line - Install a low equalizer line to permit backflow in to the desander section.
5. Inlet Pretreatment - If a shaker scalping cut is not taken prior to the hydrocyclones, install a guard screen over the suction with 1/4" slots to prevent large trash from entering the unit and plugging the cones. Typically, desilters should not be run directly from the mud pit without some form of  scalp cut to remove out large coarse solids.