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How to dispose the fault of centrifugal pump leaks


The working environment of centrifugal pump is bad, need to deliver the drilling fluid for a long time, so the seal of shaft end is required to be very reliable. The high pressure water is injected into slide part of shaft, for avoiding sediment enter into slide part.


Meanwhile, because of the drilling fluid has corrosivity and abrasiveness, internal seal are often damaged, affecting life and pump efficiency, so it is required that easy to adjust the gap between impeller and guard board, reduce leak.


Sometimes the centrifugal pump leaks seriously, and caused by many reasons, the following are the methods of eliminating the fault.


1 Packing loose or sealing damage may cause pump leaking, we should compact packing or replace sealing.

2 Pump shaft and driving machine axes are inconsistent, shaft is curving, these will cause pump leaking, we should adjust axes, service and adjust pump shaft.

3 The motion part is imbalance and cause vibration, we should check up rotor and clear.

4 Install sealing wrongly or sealing liquid pressure wrongly, we should install sealing exactly, set up suitable sealing liquid pressure.