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How to extend shale shaker service life


Shale shaker is a kind of screening equipment. Screen is the main part of shale shakers.  It is also the easiest part to abrade in use process. How we should maintain it or how to extend the service life of shale shaker.

The reasons why shale shaker damaged

There are many reasons of screens are rapidly abraded, such as the screen quality is disqualification, tension strength, the error vibration motor veer and the clay is accumulating are all can cause shale shaker screen abraded.

How to we adjust and avoid it aiming at these problems?

Screen tension strength is not enough will make screen vibrates, usually the reason is the screen border or edge trim strip is damaged; Screen quality is disqualification, the screen has the upper screening layer and underpart mechanical layer, required the two lays are tightness gluing. If the screen prestressing tension process is not good, when screen bottom mechanical layer is tightening, screening layer is not tensioned, the drilling cuttings throwing force is decreased and can’t discharge drilling cuttings. 

How to we solve these problems?

When screen box operate, pressing the stop button and observed the ellipse locus which formed by the small point operate on shale shaker. Towards to outlet sand trundle is the correct direction; unsnatch the vibrator cleading and check the eccentric block; Exchanging the any two phase line of electric cabinet power source, splashing some sand on screen surface, this is the correct direction of the releasing sand is bigger speed.

When drilling cuttings accumulate on screen and rapidly abrade it, we should decrease the vibration amplitude; using the spraying water wash screen and drilling cuttings. But the method only adapt to allowing add water field; Adjusting the screen angle of draining sand mouth is good for rock debris discharged, but maybe lead to leaking mud; replacing screen quantities or adjusting the single screen flow, ensure drilling cuttings smooth discharged in the function of lubrication.