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How to extend the service life of vacuum degasser


Vacuum degasser is widely used in drilling mud purification system, through the compulsory measures separate gas from drilling mud, thus ensure drilling mud good performance.


Methods of extend the service life of vacuum degasser:


1 Vacuum reservoir roof should be cleaned once a week, in order to avoid debris jam gas channel. We can use clear water flushing, when cleaning disconnect vacuum pipeline, demount plug and gauge stand, insert high pressure pipe to flush 3~5 minutes.


2 After using, we should clean rotor and suction pipe in vacuum reservoir.


3 At work looking at vacuum gauge at any time, adjust reducing valve to make vacuum between 0.03 and 0.05, thus ensure equipment running normally.


4 About the vacuum pump, we should often check bearing, under the situation of lubrication, the bearing temperature will higher 15~20 degrees than the surrounding temperature. Vacuum degasser working environment temperature higher than 30 degrees, always check to see vacuum gauge, to replace the water in steam trap and to keep water temperature not more than 35 degrees.


5 After using vacuum degasser in winter, the hydrops in steam trap and pump should be discharged, to avoid frost crack.


6 Every other month, we should fill grease for main shaft bearing, filling quantity is 250~300ml.