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How to install drilling fluid jet mud mixer

Same as other equipment, jet mud mixer must be correctly choose, adjust and install, it can obtain the ideal working performance. 

In order to meet the requirementd of drilling field. Usually the throughput of mixed funnel shouldn't smaller than 150m3/h. TO the big circulating tank and large power of machine also can choose the mixed funnel whose throughput is 300m3/h. In oreder to ensure well pressure required suggested every drilling team equip with a set of mixed funnel, usually the Standby funnel are connected in the system in parallel. 

After drilling fluid funnel is leakage, the pump, motor, inlet pipeline and discharge line must resonable designed to make it have the appropriate flow speed under the recommended pressure head. For example, after the the discharge of drilling fluid funnel is 2082L/min is choosed, firstly should according to the instruction of equipment to choose the materials inlet and outlet pipe model, all pipelines and connection should provide the 2082L/min pump and impellers under the 2082L/min pressure head. After pump choosed, the adapted drilling fluid motor model can be decided. If don't know the largest drilling fluid density, recommend the density of 2.4g/cm3 drilling fluid as the basic calculation.