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How to install drilling fluid mud gun

Usually Drilling fluid mud gun installed the place which is about 15cm with the bottom of storage tank and it has a fauce twhich can adjust the direction and agitate 360°of the dead point. Because don't have enough agitating machine, maybe some pipelines or mechanical accident, the dead point is easy produced in the right angle tank. 

The effective diameter of the low pressure nozzle is 1.52-2.74, it decided by drilling fluid density, viscosity and nozzle speed. The nozzle size and feeding pressure determine how much fluid with what speed through the nozzle. High speed fluid leave the nozzle with high speed, the pressure translate into the speed in the nozzle. 

More drilling fluid through the nozzle in a unit time and will obtain the greater speed, so will produce the large shearing force. Drilling fluid mud gun operates under the regulation work condition must uniform mix the drilling fluid and ensure the diameter within 2m bottom tank area don't have precipitate, meanwhile each sealing and juncture not allow have leakage phenomenon. 

When install drilling fluid mud gun should ensure rotation axis is flexible and don't have jam phenomenon, all thread should screw up and install the relax gasket, each nozzles shoud uniformity and symmetric distribution,  nozzle shape should same, the quality is equal. When drilling fluid depth is greater or equal to 2.4m or when land drilling rig is relocating should effective support drilling fluid mud gun.