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How to maintain shaker screen


The main reasons of shale shaker screen broken quickly are many aspects: Screen quality is not qualified, screen tension strength is not enough, vibration motor steering error, clay accumulation and so on, these will cause shale shaker screen broken quickly.


How to maintain and operate shaker screen?

1 For enhance the service life of screen which has no tension, it must ensure every parts (like rubber strut member, nut, bolt, spring, etc.) can be installed suitably, no deformation. According the installing step which supplied by manufacturer to install the screen. If the multilayer shale shaker only uses one layer, it must ensure the tension pole is safe and reliable.


2 For enhance the service life of prestretching screen, it must ensure the rubber support part of screen is intact and no damage. Check up the operating environment of vibration isolation component and the support part of screen timely. If take place damage or over fatigue, they should be replaced timely.


3 If the screen quality is not qualified, we must recognize professional manufacturers when choosing products, such manufacturers are guaranteed.