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How to make the service life of the shaker screen more long?


Screen is worn parts of the shale shaker is expensive, screen quality and installation quality level directly affect the service life of the screen and use effect. In the treatment of circulating drilling fluid system, vibration sieve screen soon broken main reason has many aspects, such as substandard quality of screen, screen tensioning strength is insufficient, vibration motor steering error, material accumulation and so on. All of these will cause screen the excessive damage.


When when the sieve box to run, according to the electric control box of the stop button, then vibration sieve will slowly stop, observation on the side plate of the dots on the vibration sieve operation form of elliptic trajectory, to a sand outlet rolling to the right; unloading vibrator shield, examine the eccentric block is both to the lateral rotation; exchange control box into power lines in any 2 phase, on the top of the screen sprinkle some sand, sand discharging speed faster a is in the right direction.

When drilling cuttings in vibration sieve sieve net accumulation and rapid damage to the screen, we should increase the amplitude of vibration; by spraying water flushing screen and drill cuttings, cuttings viscosity decreases, but the method is only suitable for allowing the addition of water occasions; adjust the sand discharging port end screen angle down, in favor of cuttings by gravity discharge, but need to note that improper operation may lead to run pulp; single screen changing screen mesh or adjust the flow to ensure drilling fluid flow check point near the outlet screen, let cuttings in drilling fluid lubrication smooth discharge.