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Hydrocyclone development present situation and level


Desander cone cylinder in corrosion resistance, high temperature resistance, wear resistance and aging properties should be improved, when using change frequently. Although production respectively using the cast iron, rubber lining, polyurethane lining and manganese in resistant ductile cast iron materials, but the effect is not ideal. In order to recycle bottom mouth exhaust all drilling fluid, desander are usually equipped with small drilling fluid shale shaker, mostly adopt the motor belt wheel drive, but there are eccentric shaft vibration operation not smooth, maintenance is not convenient and screen life problems such as short.


Desilter usually consists of 8 ~ 10 cones composition, mostly using linear array, one aspect of the matter into the structure of liquid, the structure is usually easy to desilter inlet pressure is different, the operation is not stable, and desilter cone brittle crack, the life short, drilling fluid often can not reach the requirements of the treatment effect.

Ring desilter provide every funnel the same working pressure, make the hydrocyclone to achieve the best performance.

101.6 mm swirler use of lightweight, high corrosion of polyurea amine resin manufacture, has long service life maintenance convenient advantage, can change type bottom folw nozzle can reduce drilling fluid loss.

Each hydrocyclone are equipped with imported closed valve, even in the working state may also to repair a single funnel, demolition.

101.6 mm one-piece desilter lower using ceramic lining, greatly increased corrosion.

Desander in a tray can be flexible installation 1 ~ 3 sand funnel. Each 254 mm except sand funnel in 22.86 m head next drilling fluid processing capacity is 1.9 m3 / min. Maximum processing capacity is 5.7 m3 / min. Effluent can direct platoon walk or flow to shale shaker for further treatment.

Desilter can choose any 8,10,12,16 or 20 a funnel, and each funnel throughput for 175 l/min.

Recovery with drilling fluid shale shaker for vibrating motor drive big throughput high detail vibrating screen, and the main shale shaker parallel use.