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Impeller types of drilling mud agitator

As we discussed previously that the mud agitator belongs to mechanical agitation, the purpose of which are to agitate the drilling fluids in the compartments of mud tank. Different type of drilling fluids would requires different horsepower of motors, as well as speed reduce ratio. Another key point is to decide the length of the shaft, and also the type of impellers. All of these depends on the drilling fluids property & mud tank dimension. 
Mud Agitator
Stir action of drilling mud agitator is produced by moving blade, so the blade shape, size, quantity and rotate speed will affect agitator function.

Common agitator impeller can be roughly divided into four types: paddle-type, open-type, disc turbine and push type. 

At present in home and abroad petroleum solids control equipment, the most common used agitator impeller only two types, one is open-type turbine, another is disc turbine. Rarely choose paddle-type and push type. In open-type turbine the used most is flat blade. In disc turbine can use flat blade, rider and backward curved vane. 

Because of open-type turbine still has strong fluctuation convection even without baffle, so widely used in advanced drilling mud agitator.