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Importance of selecting a proper shaker screen

Proper shaker screen selection enhances the results of the whole mud cleaning system, and, combined with the G-Force of the shaker, works in tandem to maximize solids dryness. In the past, shaker screens were sized by mesh size.

Example: 40 mesh screen had 40 openings per square inch of screen area. As a measurement, this left room for a lot of unknown variables, including questioning what gauge wire was used in the manufacture of the screens. The wire gauge altered the size of openings on the screen surface and resulted in changing the size of the solids that the screen could pass or “cut.

New labels
API RP 13C states that the new designation system will consist of no fewer than the following minimum elements:
• API screen designation or API number (this is to be printed two times larger than other information on the label)
• Equivalent aperture in μm.
• Conductance (kilodarcies/mm).
• Nonblanked screen area (sq ft).
• Manufacturer’s designation or part number.

Most screen manufacturers have tested or are in the process of testing their shaker screens with the new API procedures. Some are still deciding if they will comply, while others have no intention at present to comply.