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Improvement project of drilling fluid shale shaker


The main improvement project is designing the special electromotor, it displaces vibrating shaft, make the electromotor join vibration. The two ends of electromotor are connected the exciter to realize the electromotor direct drive to exciter.


The special electromotor design


This is the level 4 explosion proof motor and there are not output shafts on the two ends. The main body of electromotor is same as big shaft sheath of old shale shaker, there are flanges on the two ends of electromotor. The big shaft length of electromotor is equal to the old shale shaker big screen length minus the belt wheel thickness.


The confirmation of electromotor power is according to the old shale shaker electromotor power minus the power consumption of belt wheel transmission and screen box vibrate. In the electromotor improve experiment obtain same vibration effect with old screen box. The insurance coefficient is designated as 2.5kw.


The connecting design of electromotor and screen box


The electromotor of improved elliptic drilling fluid shale shaker is designed to screen box assembly, to realize the direct drive of electromotor to exciter, cancelled complex belt wheel transmission.


The improvement shale shaker is completed production in 2004, it is as a new product published in February 2005. According tracking detection, the operation of shale shaker is regular, the screen effect is good.


Improved vibrating screen structure


Technical summary


The advanced elliptic drilling fluid shale shaker, it is based on advantages of elastic vibration generator excitation force big of old elliptical drilling fluid shale shaker and the throughput ability is big, optimizes the structure and improve the performance.