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In depth know the working principle of solid control system


Solid control system has the functions of mixing, store drilling fluid, eliminating rock debris and mud, controlling solid phase content, keeping and adjusting drilling fluid performance, ensure working safe and improve drilling efficiency.

Solid control system is made of shale shaker, vacuum degasser, desander, deserter, mud cleaner, drilling fluid centrifuge the five stage purification equipment and drilling fluid tank.

The circulating of solid control system is including:


Drilling fluid groove system, each border upon tanks have drilling fluid groove to connect. Each cabin of each drilling fluid groove are installed a set of drilling fluid spile can conveniently control drilling fluid flow direction at any times.


Drilling pump suction system, drilling pump is used to drill work, the drilling fluid is injected to the well by drilling pump and return to the ground. The inlet pipe of drilling pump is made of the tank pipe, value connect with tank can realize the nature suction of drilling pump by value changing over.


Aggravating system, aggravating process is made of aggravating pump, aggravating funnel, relevant pipeline and value which can meet the requirement of users’.


Shearing system, shearing system is made of a set of shearing pump, a set of shearing value, a set of shearing gun, relevant pipeline, values and tank connection pipeline. It can meet the requirements of advanced polymer and the mixing and transportation of medicinal. Otherwise the circulating of solid control is including drilling fluid gun pipeline system, pure water pipeline system and bottom connection pipeline system.