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Indispensable centrifuge for drilling fluid solids control


The centrifugal separation is aimed at separating solid from drilling fluid, or separate two kinds of miscible liquids which are incompatible and different density.


The miscible liquids enter into centrifuge drum and rotate. Because of the effect of centrifugal force field, the speed of delamination process will faster than the process which under the action of gravity. The centrifuge generate centrifugal force amount to 400g~3000g acceleration, only need a few seconds can accomplish the separation process, however under the action of gravity need a few hours, even a few days.


The main reasons of using centrifuge in the drilling fluid treating processes have two points:

1 Selectively separate the colloidal particle and superfine particle in weighted drilling fluid, to improve the flow performance of drilling fluid.

2 Eliminate the small particles in non-weighted drilling fluid.


If we don’t use the centrifuge, we have to discard all of the drilling fluid for reducing the superfine particle density, even if the drilling fluid contain a large number of valuable weighted solid phase.