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Introducing Acteon

Acteon, through the collective strength of its operating companies, links subsea services across a range of interconnected disciplines to provide unique skills and technologies across the life of a field.

Acteon operations concentrate on foundations and moorings; risers, conductors and flowlines; marine electronics, instrumentation and surveys. These core areas are supported by strengths in activity management and manpower provision. This linked offering covers the life of a field and is distinct from the services offered by specialist construction companies, drilling companies and asset owners.

Acteon has extensive capabilities in subsea installation for activities ranging from seabed surveys and piling to anchor handling and rig moves. The focus during installation operations is to conduct and complete the tasks safely and on schedule while minimising the associated costs.

Offshore assets are being developed in increasingly remote locations and deeper water. Consequently, the technical challenges associated with installing subsea systems are becoming more severe and the costs and associated risks are much higher. In some situations, conventional methods for lowering and positioning heavy subsea equipment may be unsuitable, so service providers will have to adopt new strategies and adapt to meet these challenges.