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Introduction of Shale shaker


As a kind of common machinery, the shale shaker is widely used for the departments about mine, metallurgy, coal preparation and food industry, etc. The main functions are screening, dehydration, desliming, material transportation, etc. In drilling process, shale shaker utilizes vibratory screen to recycle the liquid phase of drilling fluid, and as the standard of whether the solid phase can pass the sieve meshes or not, making the solid particles of different sizes separated into two groups or over two groups sizes of the machinery equipments, in the oilfield scene, it called drilling fluid shale shaker, short for shale shaker.

As the first-level solid control equipments in the drilling fluid process, the shale shakers first clean up the larger solid particles in the drilling fluid which returned from shaft bottom, it is fit for the screening of various kinds drilling fluid. Shale shaker is the necessary equipment in the well drilling equipments at present. Moreover, the job content of shale shaker will direct influence on the desander, desilter and centrifugal. Compared with swirler, centrifugal and degasser, the wasting power of shale shaker is the least, and the investment is little, as a result, shale shaker is the most economical equipment in the present solid control equipments.
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The constitute of shale shaker

(1)Buffer slot
The drilling fluid which returned to ground from shaft bottom flow into the buffer slot which is installed on the shale shaker, reducing the flow velocity of the drilling fluid, and making the drilling fluid flow into the screen evenly and slowly.
(2)Screen case
For tensioning the screen, bracing the vibration exciter, and making the sustained vibration which comes from vibration exciter deliver to the screen, thus reaching the screening purpose.
(3)Vibration exciter
It is the power producer of the screen case vibration. The exciter brings the periodic exciting force, and makes the screen case generate persistent and periodic vibration.
(4)Damper spring
Brace the screen case and vibration exciter. Ensure the screen case has enough vibration space, meanwhile, assist the screen case in achieving the required vibration.
Brace the above components, easy to install and transport.