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Introduction of ZJ70D drill rig


ZJ70D drill rig is a kind of SCR direct current electric drive motor which can meet the requirements of oilfield deep well drilling. Drill rig basic parameter fit China SY/T5609 standard, mainly matched parts fit API standard, can meet the requirements of drilling new technology, drill rig is safety reasonable. 

ZJ70D drill rig technology and structure characteristics.

Use AC-SCR-DC NC machine electric drive dynamic system, winch, turntable and mud pump can realize the stepless speed regulation, obtain the good drilling performance. Starting is steady, drive efficiency is high.


Use the combinations of modular design, drill rig layout is orderliness, equipment blocks is less and convenient to install.


Drill rig is complete can adapt the different zones and environment drilling requirements.


It uses the independent driven turntable structure, improve the maneuverability of drill rig, between motor and turntable use the cardan shaft linked.


It uses the high efficiency mud solid control system, solid control equipment and system process can meet the different drilling technology, the system is convenient to move, tank surface is smooth and meet the requirements of HSE.