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Jet mud mixer which is the special part of Drilling purification system


Mud solid control equipment and jet mixing device, mixer, slurry tank, mud gun, the user of the system supply, all the valves are in closed state, the user must be carried out in accordance with the following procedures:

First of all, mud purification system to the scene, the user is placed, connection, installation, supporting according to the scene. Because the equipment is drilling fluid purification part of the circulatory system, its main responsibility is purification, preparation of drilling fluids, and divided into drilling fluid storage. Users will be the equipment and drilling rig support a slurry outlet connected, must have the slurry storage tank or mud pool to store more mud in order to provide enough drilling fluid to drill.


Once again, each supporting equipment is used to start and shut off each other without interference. According to the situation of drilling fluid, the user can use any solid control equipment. Once the drilling, drilling fluid supply is normal, the system can work properly.

Should pay attention to when using mixed funnel should first close the charging valve, until the pressure of drilling fluid from normal export after discharge and then open the feed valve for feeding operations. The weighting hopper is a swirl type, which should be used as far as possible to keep the hopper continuously feeding and prevent the return of pulp. Such as poor discharge or clogging phenomenon should be to reduce or stop feeding operation, timely eliminate is other solids control equipment caused by the fault.

In drilling fluid vibrating screen to stop using, should immediately with clean water rinse clean. Prohibit the use of metal tools in a sieve to remove debris. Before the start of mud mixer, first check whether the gearbox have enough oil, according to the provisions of foot. Sand cleaning work or high pressure mud circulation, should first open the jet pipe valve and reopen the upstream pipeline valve, the stop should first close the valve and then off the jet pipe valve, to avoid high pressure closed die in the jet pipe.