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LW series horizontal decanting centrifuge


Drilling fluid horizontal spiral discharge sedimentation centrifuge is aimed at the characteristics of the oil drilling fluid, the design of solid-liquid separation special equipment, can be in full speed under operation to finish feeding, centrifugal sedimentation, discharge and so on various processes, mainly used for recovery barite to remove small solid, reduce drilling fluid solid content, control drilling fluid density, viscosity, guarantee the performance of the drilling fluid and fast drilling are important role.

Drilling fluid horizontal spiral discharge sedimentation centrifuge is to use the principle of centrifugal sedimentation drilling suspending liquid separation, suspension by the feed pipe by screw pusher in a fluid hole into the drum, the centrifugal force under the action of solid particles is pulled to drum wall, through the screw pusher of blade push to drum small end dump mouth discharge, liquid phase is through the drum big end of the overflow weir overflow. So continuous cycle, in order to achieve the purpose of continuous separation. DaChuan Machinery Co., Ltd production of horizontal sedimentation type drilling fluid centrifuge widely used in petroleum drilling industry.

LW series drilling fluid centrifuge

LW series oilfield centrifuge by host, feed liquid system and control system composed of three parts, large capacity centrifuge with high speed centrifuge, can realize supporting the use, can realize three screen, two machine solid control system scheme, so as to simplify the solid control system, reduce use a little power, improve the purification efficiency.

Horizontal spiral centrifuge advantages

1. To the materials adaptability is bigger, can be separated to solid phase particle size range 0.005 2 mm, in solid phase particle size when inequality can also be separated as usual.
2. Can automatic, continuous, long-term operation, easy maintenance, can be closed operation.
3. Single production capacity is big, the structure is compact, covers an area of less, lower operation cost.