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Linear and elliptical Shale shaker design and manufacturing


The domestic production of drilling fluid shale shaker whether linear screen or elliptic ,shaker box structure and corresponding auxiliary function has the following generality .


First :Shale shaker screen box design and manufacturing


Shale shaker screen frame is welded structure ,vibration motor and shale shaker through the components are installed in the shale shaker screen box,screen box seat to support control the beam ,near the screen box of the four corners of the installation position have damping spring,can make the  peripheral member or equipment from the influence of the screen frame vibration  , screen bed can be equipped with three or four pieces frame screen or wave screen, with bolt and hook side body tension mode and its fixed; Transverse and longitudinal support bar  work together make screen box have enough strength, screen box frame along the lateral central slightly higher than both sides, in the transverse direction to form a convex arc, shale shaker screen in the tenseness with screen frame close to, so that it can easily make screen tension, and in the work process to improve the shale shaker screen life and solid particles handling efficiency.

Second :Screen frame design and manufacturing


The professional welding technology ,can be installed hard crochet or soft crochet shale shaker screen ; shale shaker screen 3 panels or four panels ,replacing screen is to operate .


Third :AWD angle adjustment system design

Because the hydraulic power unit, Angle adjustment system operation convenient save Labour, make the screen box Angle according to need to 0.5 degrees increment from - 1 degrees - + 5 range adjust.


Forth :Vibrating motor as power supply.

Because of explosion-proof vibrating motor has the strong vibration strength, high reliability, convenient maintenance etc, and by eccentric rotor produce vibration force, which adapt to the environment temperature range: - 40 degrees to 150 degrees, part of the single vibrating motor vibration force frequency conversion to be adjustable, so all kinds of screen type are used in all kinds of long and short explosion-proof vibrating motor as power supply.


Fifth :Feed box design

For drilling fluid have buffer action, evenly distributed mud flow. From the borehole by return or other equipment treated mud, by feed tank into the shale shaker processing, the drilling fluid have buffer action, and make mud evenly distributed flow to the shale shaker screen, reduce mud on the impact of the screen, and improve the service life of the screen, and improve the treatment effect of mud. At the same time, the top of the tank has a square cap, open the cover can be mud performance test.