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Linear motion shale shaker- drilling mud equipment


DCS series linear motion shale shaker is the core equipment for drilling mud .It is designed with the global most mature and popularly applied advanced technology ,It consists of the base ,screen box ,slurry box ,dip adjustment device and electrical components of control system .


With alloy material with higher strength . .

General heat treatment completely eliminate stress .

Coating with high wearing resistance anti-erosion capabillity .

Imported engine with good performance (US Martin motor , Italy OLI brand )

The electrical components of control cabinet ( SIEMENS)


Shale shaker is mainly used to remove the drilling cuttings return to the ground from wellhead ,So as to meet the basic requirements of the next equipment in the oil&gas drilling mHDD .If the shale shaker can't working properly, it will affect other follow-up solid control equipment .


The design of DCS shale shaker including two types of products ,the linear and the flat elliptocal , the shaker features : high vibration intensity , large screen surface area , adjustable discharge angle during drilling ,simple compact structure , reliable great performance .