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Linear motion shale shakers for Coalbed Methane

Although, there are many vibration type shale shakers in the marketing. But the most widely used one is the linear motion shale shaker,  it can be used in HDD, TBM, Oil&gas and Coalbed Methane. 

DC Solid control has export many sets linear motion shale shakers for Coalbed Methane industry. The technique to exploit CBM is different with that applied to the fossil natural gas, while both share the common in terms of marketing and utilization. Simply, CBM is exploited by drilling shallow wells into coal seams, dewatering the seams, extracting the methane from the seams and finally compressing the methane.

Specail design of CBM shale shakers 
1. shale shaker inlet method, usually the CBM well is lower than oil drilling well, maybe they will not use overhead manifold, but they have a mud pit and a submersible slurry pump to shale shaker.
2. Minimum particles, CBM drilling may contain much fine particles, so we should use super fine mesh screen.
3. Usually the treating capacity of CBM is smaller than drilling sites. Sometimes, we can adopt double deck mud cleaner which can to be as shale shaker and mud cleaner simultaneous. 

DC Solid control can design the complete line solid control system for CBM. The product line include, sand tank, purification tank, , desander, desilter, centrifuge, centrifugal pump, shear pump, submersible slurry pump, mud agitator, jet mud mixer, etc.