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Maersk makes oil exploration a game


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Shipping, oil and gas company the Maersk Group has launched a computer game called "Quest for Oil", in which gamers experience the challenges of oil exploration.

The game, free to download, allows players to test their analytical skills by seeking oil offshore on a seismic map.

Quest for Oil is described as the first game of its kind. It gives players the chance to experience the challenging world of being on a drilling rig with its 53,000 tonnes of steel rammed into the bottom of the ocean.

"Most people take for granted that we have oil and natural gas and not many people understand what it takes to find and produce it. The world’s need for oil and gas is leading exploration into ever deeper waters and ventures demanding precision and cutting edge technology. It’s a sophisticated, fascinating industry and ‘Quest for Oil’ offers everybody a glimpse of what oil and gas exploration is all about today," says Jakob Thomasen, CEO of Maersk Oil.

Gamers test their wits against an artificially intelligent digital opponent dedicated to making them lose. Your ability to understand the key challenges of the oil industry is crucial: how to read earth layers, how to detect where to find oil reservoirs and how to know when you’re wasting your time. The analytical decisions you make will determine whether you win or lose.