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Main equipments for solids control system


Drilling fluid solid phase particles type, size and content are great influence to drilling fluid performance, so we must according to the drilling process requirements do suitable control. In solids control process, main equipments are very important, directly influence the whole solids control effect. These equipments include Shale Shaker, Vacuum Degasser, Mud Cleaner and Centrifuge.

Shale Shaker as the first-level solids control equipment in the drilling fluid process, first clean up the larger solid particles in the drilling fluid which returned from shaft bottom, it is fit for the screening of various kinds drilling fluid. Shale shaker is the necessary equipment in the well drilling equipments at present. Moreover, the job content of shale shaker will direct influence on the desander, desilter and centrifuge.


Vacuum Degasser uses the suction function of the vacuum pump to form the negative pressure in the vacuum tank. Under the pressure of atmosphere, the drilling fluid enters into hollow shaft from suction line, and then to be gathered by the umbrella slices around of the hollow shaft to toss to tank skin in spurting. With the impact of vacuum and bubble centrifuge, the bubble will be broken in the drilling fluid, the gas will escape and suction out by the vacuum pump and vent to the safety zone.


Mud Cleaner is mainly used for eliminating the drilling cuttings and particles which are larger than the particle size of barite from the weighted drilling fluid. The weighted drilling fluid still has many low-density solid particles after the first level treatment by shale shaker. At this time, if handling by using the swirler alone, the barite will run off in abundance. The advantage of using drilling mud cleaner is reducing the content of the low-density solid particles, and avoiding a lot of loss of barites.


Centrifuge is the special equipment of solid-liquid separation, designed by the characteristic of drilling fluid. It can accomplish each procedure of feed, centrifugal sedimentation, unloading, etc. It mainly uses for recycling barite, eliminating small solid, reducing the solid content of drilling fluid, controlling the density and viscosity of drilling fluid, ensuring the performance of drilling fluid, and play an important role in quick drilling.


All above are the main equipments for solids control system, any questions please contact DC Machinery freely.