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Main process of solid control system


The simplify and optimize of solid control system

Field test show that, use the new type and two stages solid control system which is made of high efficiency shake shaker and frequency conversion centrifuge, it can omit desander and desilter, the energy saving effect is obvious. Also can be used classification filtration technology changed the existing solid control system, also can omit desander and desilter. If use vacuum filter type even can omit shale shaker, simplify solid control system, lighten well team generator load, optimize mud tank configuration, decrease the numbers of transition mud tanks, decrease the numbers of storage tanks, then can obvious improve solid control efficiency, shorten treatment times and decrease drilling safety.

Firstly degassing then screening

At present, the returned drilling fluid from well mouth will through shale shaker, then will degassed treatment. When screening treatment, large gas will overflow, not only increase the dangerousness of shale shaker, but also serious injury operating personnel healthy. The specially designed degasser device set on the first place, firstly degassubf treatment to the returned from well mouth, can decrease drilling fluid gas content, decrease harmful gas harm to human body and decrease the accident happened.

Changing the parts treatment over the whole treatment

At present, shale shaker is the uniqueness solid control equipment to drilling fluid whole treatment, it plays the important roles to improve drilling fluid solid phase control level. Because the throughput is limited of desander, desilter and centrifuge, the under several stages purification is the parts operation, otherwise will have parts drilling fluid through drilling fluid slot directly enter into nest stage bin, and can’t get treatment.

Field just through increase drilling fluid treatment circulating times to improve solid control quality. In fact, each circulating only treat the parts treatment, increase circulating times can improve the proportion of treated drilling fluid, but decrease the treatment efficiency, waste large energy, solid control efficiency is low.