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Maintenance of submersible slurry pump


1 Pay attention to pump bearing temperature, should not be more than the outside temperature 35 degrees.


2 Oil cup shall be filled with calcium base grease, to ensure bearing can normal lubrication.


3 Submersible slurry pump in the first month, or running after 100 hours, the butter in oil cup should be replaced, later once replacement after working every 2000 hours.


4 Regular inspect elastic coupling, pay attention to motor bearing temperature rise.


5 If discover noise or unusual noise in running process, we should check up in time.


6 Submersible slurry pump should be checked every working 2000 hours, the gap between impeller and pump body can’t be too large, the maximum of gap shall not be more than 1.5 mm, if the gap is more than 1.5mm, we can replace impeller or pump cover.


7 After using six hours, we should check up mechanical seal, according to the degree of wear and tear to repair or replace. Otherwise, it will cause the pump shaft and bearing damage.