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Manufacturing process of drilling fluid jet mud mixer

In the last month, DC solid control use 5 days to manufacture a jet mud mixer which is a special equipment to prepare and increase the drilling fluids weight by adding and mixing  bentonite, change the fluid density, change the mud density, viscosity, and dehydration.

Jet mud mixer is powered by a centrifugal pump that flows the mud at high velocity through a venturi nozzle (jet) below the conical-shaped hopper. Dry materials are added through the mud hopper to provide dispersion, rapid hydration and uniform mixing. Liquids are sometimes fed into the mud by a hose placed in the hopper.

Main Features
 1. High mixing capacity

 2. Complete “dust-free” mixing of material from surge tank and sack slitting machine

 3. Able to handle high back-pressure

 4. Economical, simple, robust, reliable and wear-resistant
  5. Venturi-type jet mixer

The jet mud mixer can be designed as double jet mud mixer according to customers’ requirements. And installation for the mixing pump and hoppers are flexible from DC, either on a single skid or at tank end skid or even separately with hopper on tank top, and pump at tank side. All flexible design is to make the complete mud system to be compact and user friendly.