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Manufacturing steps of DCZCQ drilling fluid mud cleaner


DCZCQ mud cleaner is a normal model of our company,we can design customized cost-effective mud Cleaner for customers special needs. Our mud cleaner can meet almost all needs for oil & gas well drilling fluids treatment system and HDD Mud Recycling System.

luckily, now DC Solid control workshop is manufacturing some mud cleaners used for drilling site. According to my learning this days, I know the manufacturing step of the mud cleaners.


Following is the introduction of during manufacturing mud cleaners.

1. Usually, we should manufacture a bottom shaker for the mud cleaner.
2. Then the inlet and outlet of hydrocyclone. The purpose is the desanders and/or desilters mounted over the shale shaker.  
3. Last, install the different size of hydrocyclones, such as 4", 6" 8" and 10" according to the primary design.


Purpose of use mud cleaner
The purpose of the mud cleaner is to remove drilled solids larger than barite. Solids larger than 74-105 micrometres can be removed by the mud cleaner before the viscosity builds up. Mud cleaner can effectively control weighted drilling fluid solid content. Prevent differential pressure sticking, adhesion stuck drill accident, reduce the drill string and the filter cake thichness on bond issues.

Mud Cleaner is the second class and the third class solids control equipment which is the newest type to treat the drilling fluid. DC mud cleaner structure is compact, it occupy small space and the function is powerful. Mud cleaner is the ideal device of the second class and the third class solid control to treat the drilling mud.