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Manufacturing technology and design of domestic shale shaker


Now, there are many manufacturer and design companies of domestic shale shaker, most manufacturers all master the production technology of linear motion and ellipse motion, the theory parameter and structure scheme don’t have big difference, the distinguish is the technological level. The drilling fluid shale shaker of our country manufactured not only the linear motion shale shaker but also the ellipse shale shaker, the screen box structure and corresponding auxiliary function all have the performance.


The design and manufacturing of screen box


The screen reel is the welding construction, the exciter motor and screen reel according the construction to install on the screen box; screen reel support and adjust the beam, there are shock absorbers in the four angles location. The screen bed can install three or four frame screen or wave screen, using bolts and crochet tensing type to fix it; the article support of transverse and longitudinal joint action to make screen reel has fully strength. The screen reel above the two sides which along the transverse center. forming a raised arc in the transverse direction, screen close to the screen reel when is tightened, the screen is easy to tension, and in the process of work extend the screen’s service life and the capacity of solid particles.


The design and manufacturing of screen reel


It uses the professional welding technology. It can install the hard crochet and soft crochet screen. The number of screen can be 3 or 4. It is convenient to replace shaker screen.