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Microseismic Monitoring Solutions-ESG Solutions

ESG Solutions is a leading provider of passive microseismic monitoring solutions to the oil & gas, mining, and geotechnical industries. Established in 1993, ESG offers microseismic instrumentation and data acquisition, analysis and interpretation services to detect and visualize induced seismicity. ESG's microseismic products and services enable clients to optimize production, improve safety, reduce costs and mitigate risk.ESG Solutions

For 20 years, ESG has provided a complete integrated solution for microseismic monitoring. ESG:

1 Designs and manufactures instrumentation for downhole or surface acquisition
2 Performs feasibility studies and designs custom monitoring systems for each site
3 Installs microseismic monitoring systems and provides ongoing maintenance and support
4 Provides on-site, real-time acquisition and processing services
5 Processes and interprets data using in-house developed software
6 Performs advanced analysis and interpretation such as fault mechanism analysis 

In the energy industry, ESG has been a leader in both the long-term reservoir and hydraulic fracturing markets.  As early as 1997, ESG pioneered the use of microseismic technology to image and map fractures during hydraulic fracturing of shale gas in Texas.  Since then ESG has performed real-time and post-acquisition processing and interpretation of hydraulic fracture projects throughout North America.  Similarly, ESG installed its first long-term reservoir monitoring system to monitor heavy-oil operations in northern Alberta in 2002.  Since then, countless clients have benefitted from the ability to track steam chamber development and an gained an enhanced understanding of how their reservoir is responding to thermal recovery operations.  More recently, ESG has moved into the gas storage market, working with clients around the world to sequester carbon or store natural gas in underground reservoirs.