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Mud Cleaner Manufacturer in China


Drilling mud cleaner is mainly used for eliminating the drilling cuttings and particles which are larger than the particle size of barite from the weighted drilling fluid. The weighted drilling fluid still has many low-density solid particles after the first level treatment by shale shaker. At this time, if handling by using the hydrocyclone alone, the barite will run off in abundance. The advantage of using drilling mud cleaner is reducing the content of the low-density solid particles, and avoiding a lot of loss of barites. 

In general, the thruput of shale shaker on the cleaner is 10%~20% of the hydrocyclone. Because of the underset of the hydrocyclone is high-density and high-viscosity drilling fluid, it is hard to separate, and it’s easy to generate screen stifled and screen paste, thus lead to the liquid flow away from screen surface, therefore, some cleaner stock the anti-blocking device.

The following Mud Cleaner is produced by DC Machinery, a professional manufacturer of Solids Control Equipment in China. 

Mud Cleaner  
Model:                             DCQJ250×2/100×12
Treating capacity:                           240m3/h 1056GPM
Desilter cones:                           4"(12 ea)
Desander cones:                          10"(2 ea)
Inlet Liquid Diameter:                          150mm
Discharge fluid Diameter:                           200mm
Matching Pump:                            55~75KW
Matching Shaker:                         DCS700-3
Vibrating Mode:                          Linear Motion or Balanced Elliptical Motion
Shaker Motor:                         2×1.5kw
Screen Area:                            2.2m²
Screens of Deck:                         3 Panel 
Weight:                            3000kg
Dimension:                             3150×1800×2450mm