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Mud cleaner characteristics


Mud cleaner, desander, desilter multifunction, mud cleaner is drilling mud 2, level 3 solids control equipment, it is will the desand cyclone and the mud cyclone and bottom flow shale shaker together .

Mud cleaner compact structure, take up the small space , the function is strong, is drilling mud for two, three solid phase control the ideal choice, efficient cleaner equipment.

Hydrocyclone quantity decided to productivity, and cyclone number and the size of the custom 4 "= 12 ~ 15 m3 / h, 10" hydrocyclone = 90 / h

Drilling fluid efficient cleaner characteristics

Tangshan DaChuan Machinery Co., Ltd production drilling fluid sand mud combined mud cleaner, it includes desander, pressure pump, cyclone, bottom flow slot, shale shaker, support and base.

Its characteristics lies in the desander and desilter Lord into tube and the fluid tube with control between butterfly valve, base with chute, vibrating screen is located in chute, cyclone equipped with automatic sand control blocking device and bottom flow mouth adjusting device.

Applicable new compact structure, easy to use, easy maintenance and reliable work, can quickly remove the harmful drilling fluid solid phase, improve drilling fluid performance, meet the high pressure jet drilling new process requirements.