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Mud cleaner in solids control system


Drilling mud cleaner is composed of a group of swirler, a set of detail screen shale shaker and shunt manifold. The top is a group of swirler, the underpart is the detail shale shaker. It is the second level separation equipment in the drilling mud solids control system.


When the mud cleaner handles the weighted drilling fluid, the drilling fluid which is already handled enters into drilling fluid system from the overfall of the swirler. The drill cuttings, barite and a little liquid phase discharge from the underset and go to the highly detail screen. Because of the granularity of barite is 2~74um mostly, it will return to the drilling fluid system with the liquid phase and the drill cuttings which are smaller than the sieve mesh, the drill cuttings which are larger than the sieve mesh will discharge from screen surface. In this way, mud cleaner cleans the drilling fluid, stabilizes the performance of drilling fluid and recycles the barite and the liquid phase.


Compared with the single desander and desilter, mud cleaner has the advantages of large handling capacity, fast processing speed, compact structure, easy to operate and easy to maintain. Mud cleaner synthesize the advantages of shale shaker and swirler, it can eliminate the harmful solid phase quickly, and improve the performance of drilling fluid, and satisfy the demand about the high pressure jet drilling new technology.